Assest Verification | Detective Agency in Mumbai

We are one of the leading detective agencies providing Asset Verification Detective Services, which can help you in assessing the situation of your case and planning accordingly. We provide Asset ownership details, Asset location information, Asset registration information, Asset value, Encumbrance Certificate in case of immovable property to find the sales / purchase history, Asset tax and assessment information, types of properties, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, land, time-share, mobile etc. Moreover, our team advises you based on your requirements to provide precise services you require. Further, we provide you with these services at the most cost-effective manner possible.

Managing your organization and employees is a tiresome task and often you become lazy when it comes to assets verification. Asset verification is important to help you determine your hidden assets. We helps businesses and organizations in identifying their assets. Our dedicated team is holds the skill and proven ability to locate the hidden assets and funds of the organization. Every company possesses two kinds of assets, movable and immovable assets. We helps in asset investigation and resolve cases like:

Company Records : We gives you information of all private and public limited companies working in India and details about their business partners, business location, capital invested, sales tax information and provident funds detail.

Property Records : we give you information about the actual owner of the land/property or shop with its actual cost estimation. We give you information with evidence so that you only get true information.

Bank Account : We detective also provides you information of bank details like current accounts, saving accounts, fixed deposits and recurring accounts.

Vehicle Ownership : Real owner of the vehicle with details of address.

We also carry immovable and movable asset investigation in any region, area or part of India

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